Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting personal: content of my blog, my motivations

I received an interesting blog comment today from someone who works in Communications, offering a bit of advice on my content, specifically grammatical and spelling errors. The comment was both embarrassing as well as enlightening, because it underscored the fact that even though I created this blog to share our experience with family and friends, other people in the world are reading it -- and expecting it -- to carry quality consistent with professional journalism.

The blog has actually been an escape from work for me, and I often flew through my posts quickly without regard for quality -- which is totally unlike me, especially at work. I really didn't care if there were any typos or not because...THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG. Even the style of writing isn't on par with what my job demands. I have simply been capturing thoughts (almost verbatim) and experiences without thinking about sentence structure or word choice. That type of energy is best left dedicated to the book I've been writing and the few work projects I've tackled while living abroad.

At work, accuracy is my paramount concern. I detest mistakes. Now I wonder why my detail-oriented beast didn't rear its head whenever I worked on a personal blog post? I guess I figured my family and friends wouldn't care about the typos, nor would they judge the quality of my PROFESSIONAL work based on them.

Now I can't help but wonder what kind of person, a complete stranger, would take the time to collect 14 different typos in various posts in my blog, copy and paste them into one comment, and send me an anonymous post? Doesn't that seem like a whole lot of effort? I guess it's thoughtful, but who has got that kind of time on their hands or motivation?


Chris O'G said...

Funny stuff. Me thinks that "type of person" is a tool.

Cheers -C

Anonymous said...

Mike from Detroit, MI (US) here. I found your blog earlier this year while we were planning our trip to Dublin for St. Patrick's Day, and I've read every entry since. I hope you will leave it up after your return to the states; I think it is tremendous and a valuable resource, and I wouldn't spend another moment wondering over the motivations of internet grammar zealots (there's another word that usually goes there, but it has stronger connotations internationally). Keep up the good…err…play!

Damon and Lisa Mattson said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence, guys! Lisa

Mary D. said...

Looks like this blogger couldn't take the heat and had to make up anonymous posts from other people to make herself feel better. I read post that got her upset...and it made some good points. Some people just can't take helpful suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Someone who knows what an conniving, bitterly jealous and spiteful person (not to mention plagiarist) you are. That’s who. It will be interesting to see how many concepts and other material you’ve “borrowed” for your book that will likely never be published. You have a reputation for it in your profession so I can only assume your proclivity for stealing others material will carry over in your other endeavors.

EuroMattsons said...

It is disheartening to see such a talented writer attack the people who genuinely care about her and respect the quality of her work. I hope you don't let that anger and jealously eat you alive. Please get some help for the sake of your family and career. Karma is a powerful thing.