Thursday, August 14, 2008

Calling it quits?

I received a nice comment today from someone in Detroit who's been enjoying my blog during our year abroad. Ironically, I've been thinking about whether I should continue blogging when we return to the States in three weeks. Part of me wants to keep sharing our new experiences as ex-pats readjusting back to life in America from the standpoint of someone who's been living in a small country overseas for 12 months. Part of me wonders if anyone out there gives a shit and reads this. :)

But my friend from Detroit encouraged me to press on with our posts when we return.

I'd like to hear from others out there reading this blog. Would you like to see it grow, spread its wings and glide into another chapter of our traveling lives? Or should we call it quits?


Myles Bostwick said...

My wife and I have been following your blog the last few months. We found it because we have been considering going and living in Ireland for a year or so ourselves. It's hard to get a good idea of what it's like to move from the US to another country from books, but your blog has given us the perspective we were looking for. Thanks for all the posts!

Jonathan O'Keefe said...
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